The Trattoria “Da Mario alla Fava”, opened its doors in 1960, when Mario Bonavita decided to realize his dream of opening a cozy restaurant to rediscover the true Venetian cuisine that had been forgotten by the locals, neglected by journalists and snubbed by gourmets.

The familiar atmosphere and the excellent quality of the dishes  soon declared  “Trattoria Da Mario alla Fava” one of the most famous Venetian restaurants, and through the years his children Guido and Luca have inherited his art of fine dining.Today,  they carry on with the same passion handed down from their father, and they are continuously looking for quality products to satisfy their diners’ needs.With true Venetian dishes, an extensive wine list, a friendly atmosphere and impeccable service with an eye for every detail, Trattoria “Da Mario alla Fava” will make you rediscover the classic flavors of fine Venetian cuisine.

Our Surprise of 2015 is our Vegan menu offering a complete Vegan meal.

We invite you to visit our new website to celebrate our 55th year of business, enjoying the moments of the past as timely as ever. (


“Se sei triste e della vita hai noia,
Da Mario alla Fava troverai la gioia!”