Seasonal Menu

We use fresh and seasonal ingredients, and change our menu every 4 months.


1)    Raw fish of the day flavoured with ginger, Himalaya salt and aromatic oil  € 28,00
2)    Warm sea-food salad from our “Lagoon” with vegetables julienne  € 24,00
3)    For those who love venetian tradition: small crispy shrimps from Burano Island, creamed baccalà
    in black crust and  sweet and sour scampi  € 19,90
4)    Boiled baby octopus from Caorle served on a bed of Bronte pistachio and potato cream and
    a sauce of pink grains pepper from Madagascar  € 19,90
5)    Burrata Pugliese pot served warm with fresh tomatoes, basil, taggiasche olives, croutons
    and a cloud of filo pasta  € 19,00
6)    Beef carpaccio parcels filled with Robiola cheese and tricolor sauce  € 22,00


8)    Spaghetti, with roast crab scented with rosemary,  served with spinach and
    cherry tomatoes  € 24,00
9)    Paccheri pasta with bites of monk-fish and Zucchine  € 24,00
10)    All Black: Home made bigoli (Spaghetti) with cuttlefish Venice style  € 19,00
11)    Molluscs and crustaceans risotto for 2 people  € 54,00
12)    Orecchiette with julienne of veal in saffron sauce and sun dried tomatoes  € 19,00


13)    Sea bass roll in a pistachio and hazelnuts crust with lemon sauce and crispy artichokes  € 24,00
14)    Roast larded squids, on a bed of black beans and crispy leek  € 19,00
15)     Traditional Venetian dish: black cuttlefish, polenta and baccalà  € 19,00
16)    Mixed fried scampi, squid and shrimp with tempura artichokes  € 25,00
17)     Grilled Gourmet: mix of shrimp, prawns and 1/2 lobster, with gazpacho  € 39,00


18)    Fassona beef fillet with small spinach cruditè, datterini tomatoes and demi-glace with
    mustard grains  € 33,00
19)    Lamb ribs with red wine sauce and potatoes and becon tartlet  € 27,00
20)     Venetian-style veal liver served on sage polenta croutons  € 19,50


21)    Vegetable of the day, mixed salad, chips  € 10,00


22)    A selection of cheeses from Veneto, with mixed fruit mustard:   € 21,00
    Robiola di Ricoverano with grapes mustard
    Pecorino di Pienza with jam of green tomatoes
    Provolone del monaco with honey
    Asiago stravecchio con la confettura di cipolla all’aceto balsamico with onion jam scented with
    balsamic vinegar


C O V E R – C H A R G E    € 4,00     S E R V I C E   12%



Vegan Menu



1)     Zucchini and avocado tartare, lime and mint flavored with goji, ginger sauce
    and bread crumble  € 19,00
2)     Aubergine flan in tomato and basil stew with toasted pine nuts  € 17,00
3)      Vegetables tempura with red onion sauce, balsamic vinegar and red pepper  € 17,00
4)     Mezzelune of vegan bresaola filled with pumpkin paté, hints of cinnamon and leek sprouts  € 19,00


5)     Creamy soup bis: fennel cream and pumpkin cream soups, flavored with anise
    and pink pepper from Madagascar with bruschette  € 17,00
6)     Paccheri pasta filled with lemon artichoke cream, cherry tomatoes and mint panure  € 18,00
7)     Turmeric ravioli stuffed with sage potatoes in peppery sauce  € 17,00
8)     Corn noodles with pesto of dried tomatoes and pistachios, with black beans sauc  € 19,00


COVER CHARGE    € 4,00     SERVICE   12%


Menù Celiaci

Prodotti per celiaci e particolare attenzione alle richieste del cliente.