Seasonal Menu

We use fresh and seasonal ingredients, and change our menu every 4 months.


1) Raw fish of the day, flavored with citrus fruits, coulis and Sichuan pepper € 28,00
2) Smoked swordfish ravioli filled with aromatic creamy cheese served with julienne of sun-dried tomatoes € 21,00
3) Boiled Caorle baby octopus served on creamed peas with crispy bacon € 19,50
4) For those who love traditional Venetian cuisine: cicchetti made with freshly caught fish € 23,00
5) Pumpkin flowers tempura stuffed with baccalà mantecato  (creamed salted codfish) € 19,00
6) Burrata pugliese D.O.P. cheese with pappa al pomodoro, quenelle, light pesto and taggiasche olives tartare € 18,50
7) Mustard-scented Fassona beef  with quail eggs and baby vegetables € 26,00


8) Baccalà (creamed salted codfish) risotto scented with dill and served with squid ink waffles, (min. 2 people) € 44,00
9) Paccheri pasta from Gragnano with tuna roe, burrata cream, toasted hazelnuts and pistachio nuts € 24,00
10) Spaghetti from Gragnano with seafood, taggiasche olives, capers and datterino tomatoes € 23,00
11) All back: small black gnocchi with cuttlefish julienne and shellfish bisque € 19,50
12) Homemade bigoli with veal strips, saffron and small dried tomatoes € 18,50
13) Trofie pasta with ‘Carlina’ cheese sauce and crisp porcino mushrooms strips € 18,50


14) Vacuum-cooked sea bass roll and red prawn served with cream of broad beans € 21,00
15) Grilled squid on zucchini and potatoes millefeuille with thyme scented sweet and sour sauce  € 18,50
16) Traditional Venetian dish: black cuttlefish on a polenta basket € 18,50
17) Fried mixed fish from the Adriatic served with crisp zucchini spaghetti € 24,00
18) Gourmet barbeque: mix of scampi, prawn and 1/2 lobster with tuna roe mayonnaise € 38,00


19) Lamb ribs with Blu ‘61 cheese sauce prepared with Raboso passito wine and cramberries coulis € 27,00
20) Fassona beef fillet with baby spinach and datterini tomatoes cruditè, and demi-glace with mustard grains € 33,00
21) Veal liver prepared following an ancient Venetian recipe, with a polenta crust and sage € 19,50


22) Vegetables of the day, mixed salad, potato chips € 9,90


23) A selection of mixed cheeses and fruit chutneys:
“Vento d’Estate”: pasteurized cow’s milk cheese, matured for 5 months in barrique with mountain hay;
“Don Olivo”: raw cows milk cheese, barrique in black olive paste;
“Basajo”: blue cheese made from sheep’s milk with raisins;
“Capo di Stato” high-mountain raw cow’s milk matured for 24 months in Capo di Stato wine € 21,00


C O V E R – C H A R G E    € 4,00     S E R V I C E   12%



Vegan Menu



1) Vegan bresaola with misticanza, leek sprouts, fennel seeds, rice waffles and citrus dressing € 17,00
2) Zucchini crudité on datterino tomatoes, basil and origano extracted juice, and herb bread crumble € 17,00
3) Mixed vegetable tempura basket with guacamole and gazpacho € 17,00
4) Caramelized onion tarte tatin with coconut ice-cream and toasted sesame seeds € 17,00


5) Corn tagliatelle “Bell’Estate” with tomato tartar, rocket salad and toasted almonds € 18,00
6) Nettles fusilli with cream of aubergines and crispy filets, and tomato bread crumble € 18,00
7) Spelt lasagne with creamed potatoes, green beans, pesto and pine nuts € 18,00
8) Gragnano spaghetti with cream of broad beans, goji berries and chili peeper strings € 18,00


COVER CHARGE    € 4,00     SERVICE   12%


Menù Celiaci

Prodotti per celiaci e particolare attenzione alle richieste del cliente.